thread: 2005-08-02 : Mistaken Identities

On 2005-08-02, Clinton R. Nixon wrote:

Man, I cannot wait! It's been, what, three years since I've been there?

I am going to drop some HARD TSOY action on you peeps. You know I'm going to have hardcover copies? Really. 230 pages of hardback awesome is what that is.

And I get to see all my favorite people again, and the people I've been wanting to meet forever? Awesome.


This makes JAK go "Fuck. Another $20.00 to set aside. S'ok, I just won't eat."
Cause, like, I want the hardcover. Real bad.

This makes BL go "Best cover ever"

This makes CRN go "Best cover EVAR"
Ben totally gets props for helping me design a cover you can flag down cars with. This thing is CRAZY.

This makes NinJ go "Wahoo!"

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