2005-08-02 : Mistaken Identities

Driving through town this morning I saw someone who I thought was jrs - Julie? Here? - but wasn't. Then not a minute later I saw someone who I thought was Matt Wilson - Matt? Here? - but wasn't.

I think I must be getting twitchy for GenCon.

1. On 2005-08-02, Keith said:

I hear ya.  GenCon is consuming my free thinking time.  Of course I'm not all that excited about selling my game.  More about spending time with good folks you only see once or twice a year.


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This makes...
MW go "Road Trip with Keith!"
JAK go "Keith is Naked without his sunglasses"*

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2. On 2005-08-02, Matt Wilson said:

Were my eyes all whites and no iris/pupil? If so, that wasn't me.

Also, stay away from that guy.


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This makes...
VB go "Ow!"*
NinJ go "Oo, good advice."

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3. On 2005-08-02, Judd said:

I kept telling myself during this whole grad. school residency gig that after this, Gen Con would be right around the corner.

It ends today at 5.

I can't wait for G.C.


4. On 2005-08-02, Matt Snyder said:

Man, I'm STOKED! Can't wait for the con. But, then again, I am sweating bullets to get the Polaris layout wrapped up and the Nine Worlds revisions finalized (and printed!).

I'm really coming out of my skin to see everyone, hang out, sell some games, and PLAY some games. It's going to be one hell of a long, lonely card ride to Indianapolis!


5. On 2005-08-02, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Man, I cannot wait! It's been, what, three years since I've been there?

I am going to drop some HARD TSOY action on you peeps. You know I'm going to have hardcover copies? Really. 230 pages of hardback awesome is what that is.

And I get to see all my favorite people again, and the people I've been wanting to meet forever? Awesome.


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This makes...
JAK go "Fuck. Another $20.00 to set aside. S'ok, I just won't eat."*
BL go "Best cover ever"
CRN go "Best cover EVAR"*
NinJ go "Wahoo!"

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6. On 2005-08-02, Julie (aka jrs) said:

I'm torn.  I can't wait for GenCon; and I don't have the time to leisurely contemplate seeing everyone again 'cause I've got so much work (of the non-gaming variety) that needs to be done in the next two weeks.

Hey, and I want to run a game of Barbaren.



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This makes...
BL go "Barberen is the bomb!"*
ecb go "excellent"*

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7. On 2005-08-02, Andy K said:

I will be coming up either around Lunchtime or Dinnertime on Wednesday.  I look forward to playing games and drinking (well, talking over drinks) with Keith, Matt(s) and the whole zoo crew.

I'll also be running guerilla demos of Tenra Bansho Zero (  If you want to give it a shot, look me up at the Forge Booth.


ps: Have y'all heard?  I've started talking about theory and practice over on my gaming weblog.  Who would have thought.  Andy + Theory usually gets along like Care Bears and Napalm.  Gonna be posting more this week, too:


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This makes...
BL go "Satan called"*

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8. On 2005-08-02, Ben Lehman said:


Jasper and I.




9. On 2005-08-02, Adam Dray said:

Aww, shit. Man, I already regretted not being able to attend this year. Now you're making it worse. ;)

Next year for sure.


10. On 2005-08-06, GamerChick said:

I'm very excited.  For one thing, I'm signed up for the day-long workshop that Vincent is part of.  I'm looking forward to meeting some of the people I only know from their work and their blogs.


11. On 2005-08-06, Meguey said:

And I get to meet new people and hang out with old people, so I'm all happy. But, yeesh, I have a lot to get done before then. Like get back from Maine.


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