2005-07-29 : Short-short True Stories

Via Judd's LiveJournal: PostSecret.


1. On 2005-07-29, Collin M. Trail said:

Thanks for sharing that. Poignant at times.


2. On 2005-07-29, Ben Lehman said:

Yay.  PostSecret


3. On 2005-07-29, Jonas Barka said:

I have seen it before but it was a long time since I visited it. It sure is nice...


4. On 2005-07-30, Meguey said:

I knew you'd like this, and figured you must have seen it already. I wonder how I found it before you did.


5. On 2005-07-30, Sven said:

It's really beautiful. I go there only when someone pushes the link down my electronic throat. But that is often enough. It's not the idea that is great, it's the postcards. So many are so brilliant.


6. On 2005-07-30, Victor Gijsbers said:

Yes, I so love that one.


7. On 2005-07-31, Eric Provost said:

Can't stop crying.


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