thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-11, xenopulse wrote:

Cracked me up, too, Brand :) And it's useful advice at that. I think we all know one of those asses (and often just need to look into the mirror to find him/her).

As for how to sell the game, let me repeat myself here: Make people read Actual Play posts. Good ones. Where the group totally rocks the house by playing the game balls to the walls.

It doesn't matter if you're having o.k. fun the way you do things—when you read one of those puppies, you're like, "I got my weed, but I want that CRACK over there!"

That goes along with pointing out that not all RP is the same stuff. It's not "Soccer with a cube-shaped ball," it can be a different sport altogether.


This makes JCL go "read actual play posts?"
maybe the game text can include lots of Actual Play examples. intead of 99% rules/1% actual play (or sometimes fake play,) you could have 60/40. or 80/20, if that seems extreme. it'd be better than gamer fiction...

This makes Shiffe go "Under duress!"
(yeah, I'm learning the system. sorry)

This makes BR go "Paka's actual play sold me on Dogs"

This makes XP go "For me it was Solamasa/Kit's"

This makes Neel go "Paka could sell me on Synnibar"

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This reminds Shiffe of Under duress!