thread: 2005-09-14 : Ars Magica Ripoff Suggestions

On 2005-09-15, Tim Alexander wrote:

Paul got to my followup first. That's basically what my comment was getting at in the marginalia but I had a somewhat more specific Dogs hack. So, the big resource pool is made up of all these large player goals, maybe even with catageories, something like:

Vincent's POOL
Politics: The Magus are blamed for war 3d4
Politics: The covenant betrays it's people 2d8
Love: A marriage is built from the ashes of betrayal 3d6
Religion: No one suspects the inquisition 4d10

They let the player put right out what they want to see happen in the grand scope of the game and they're right there on the sheet. They aren't truths in the SIS yet, but sort of potentials with mechanical weight.

Then your characters are just little cards with stuff like:

Down one stage for LOVE
+2d6 for politics

+2d4 for Religion
lose one die for politics

In a conflict with a character on either side you just apply all the required mods and you know what your big resource pool now looks like for that conflict.

Make any sense?



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