thread: 2005-10-17 : Confronting the Reality

On 2005-10-17, Michael S. Miller wrote:

designing rpgs is hard

Amen! Sing it, brother!

FWIW, I tell a lot of folks that my goal for my games is to be 10% of Luke's game. They laugh and say I'm being modest, but I tell them I'm serious. But, that includes 10% of the WORK. 10% of the writing, 10% of the promotion, 10% of the conventions, as well as 10% of the sales. I've got a family and I can't work any harder at game design—or if I could, I don't want to. That's the path I choose.


This makes TC go "Try a Ronny"
Heya, I've found desiging a 24 RPG for the Ronny Awards to fit in my schedule very well. You oughta give it a go :) Peace, -Troy

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