thread: 2005-10-17 : Confronting the Reality

On 2005-10-17, timfire wrote:

Well, I hate to just write an "amen" post, but... Amen!

The Mountain Witch was a bit of a fuke, 'cause it was written for the IGC. But now I'm finding my next game, "In a Land Called", to be much more... agonizing. It's been floating around my head for over a year now, and while its almost playable, I'm still not satisfied with certain aspects of it. I have a hard time getting it to match the vision in my head.

PS- I don't want to drift Vincent's thread, but for me personally, publishing my game has been very rewarding. It has for the most part legitimized my hobby to my non-gamer friends. (I hang out the Forge too much, I feel so guilty for that tiny little drift!)


This makes VB go "funny! Drift!"
The Forge teaches such good internet habits, too.

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