thread: 2005-10-18 : FindPlay

On 2005-10-18, Matt Snyder wrote:

Beat me to the punch, Vincent! I wanted to discuss exactly that—indie get-togethers of whatever kind. I'm especially interested in having micro-cons devoted solely to indie rpgs. Ralph Mazza and I once batted around the idea of having a bunch of us Midwesterners meeting at a central locale like the Quad Cities or Chicago or something. We'd just hole up in a hotel for a weekend, eat, talk and play. We might even make it "official" by checking out availability of meeting rooms and the like.

But, then, if our GenCon assimilation of the Embassy Suites lobby is any precedent, who needs official?!?


This makes JLB go "Man! I could totally go for a Chicago meet."

This makes MW go "I'd be so there!"

This makes KS go "I'm in."

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