2005-10-18 : FindPlay

Here's an awesome thing that Clinton created: FindPlay.

If everybody signs up, we could use it to help find good locations for local cons, designer cons, and parties, not just for finding players.

Local cons, designer cons, and parties - there's an interesting, cool thing happening that I want to talk about. It deserves more time than I can give it just now, but the short form is: we're creating a community that's more social than we maybe expected. We stay at each others' houses, go to each others' weddings, like each other. Seeing each other at GenCon isn't enough!

1. On 2005-10-18, Eric Provost said:

I agree!  It's getting to be more and more of a family around here.

I've done the math, and I know that our place can probably handle somewhere between 16 and 20 gamers in up to three different rooms.  So, Lisa and I are definately looking toward hosting a larger house-con maybe in the spring.  We've decided to stick with the ancient tradition of naming it after a household pet (a la YukiCon) and name ours either TroubleCon or Fang-Goria (Trouble & Fang being Lisa's cats).

But yeah, I ramble.  Forgites need more Forgite-Social time!



2. On 2005-10-18, Matt Snyder said:

Beat me to the punch, Vincent! I wanted to discuss exactly that—indie get-togethers of whatever kind. I'm especially interested in having micro-cons devoted solely to indie rpgs. Ralph Mazza and I once batted around the idea of having a bunch of us Midwesterners meeting at a central locale like the Quad Cities or Chicago or something. We'd just hole up in a hotel for a weekend, eat, talk and play. We might even make it "official" by checking out availability of meeting rooms and the like.

But, then, if our GenCon assimilation of the Embassy Suites lobby is any precedent, who needs official?!?


direct link

This makes...
JLB go "Man! I could totally go for a Chicago meet."
MW go "I'd be so there!"
KS go "I'm in."

3. On 2005-10-18, Jason L Blair said:

Baby, GenCon ain't never been enough for me. I hate only seeing most of my friends only four days a year (eight for some, if they attend Origins as well). FindPlay sounds awesome.


4. On 2005-10-18, Ninja Monkey J said:

Tragically, I got an:

Application error

Rails application failed to start properly

Shit, kids, there's enough of us up here in Western Mass, we should be able to get ourselves together for something like this, no problem.


5. On 2005-10-18, Blankshield said:

Grr.  This is the problem with me stuck in the frozen north.  I see Eric & Star pretty much weekly, which is awesome, but we're way too far away from the rest of youse.



6. On 2005-10-18, Vincent said:

As you know, J, I have a strong desire for a Forge Northeast confab of some sort.

I wonder how many of us there are who could make it to, say, Albany NY. Probably a lot. Maybe we'll be able to use this to find out!

Clinton's fielding errors here, it looks like.


direct link

This makes...
JK go "Albany would rock."

7. On 2005-10-18, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

For some reason, that thing keeps busting when I get more than about five people on it.


8. On 2005-10-18, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

As far as indie-social stuff goes: yeah, it's awesome. I can't wait to have some people down to North Carolina for an indie hang-out.

Tonight, NC State Fair with Mr. J. Walton! We will talk about indie games and eat fried strawberries!


direct link

This makes...
VB go "...huh."*
TMC go "Wish I was there..."*
CRN go "Chapel Hill"*
TMC go "Oops, that's me..."*

*click in for more

9. On 2005-10-18, Adam Dray said:

I'm trekking down to MACE in a month. Can't wait to meet the Carolina crew!


10. On 2005-10-18, Joshua BishopRoby said:

Holy Shit is that awesome!

People.  Gamer People.  Outside of my wife and brothers, I don't think I've seen a gamer in over a year...


11. On 2005-10-18, Andrew Norris said:

I really had no idea how many of us were down in North Carolina these days. I guess MACE is a chance for me to start conspiring to meet you crazy kids in person.


12. On 2005-10-18, Vaxalon said:

Don't forget the Northern Virginia love.

I've been pushing this DB among my gamer friends.


13. On 2005-10-18, Clinton R. Nixon I, Esq. said:

I just got my first e-mail through FindPlay! I am now officially excited.


14. On 2005-10-18, Troy_Costisick said:


Filled it out and put my old Indiana address on there.  Sadly, I don't think there are many roleplayers where I live in Kentucky.

Vincent, I didn't know you lived in Albany, NY! My dad grew up in Syracuse and had grandparents that lived in Albany.  They went to see the Albany single A ball team all the time.  When I visited, they were called the Astros, but aren't they called the Doubledays now or something like that?




15. On 2005-10-18, Ninja Monkey J said:

Workin' great now!

It turns out I'm near:

Emily, Meg, Vincent, and Jasper!

... uhrrr.... we gotta get more people to sign up.


16. On 2005-10-18, Vincent said:

Troy: I live in Western Mass, a couple and a half hours from Albany. I went to high school in Canandaigua though, out by Rochester.

I just like Albany as a possible Northeast location. It seems pretty central to me.


17. On 2005-10-18, Paul Tevis said:

And I'm stuck here in Southern California all by my lonesome. Although, we did have about twenty people here for PaulCon last June.


direct link

This makes...
Josh B go "SoCal Where?"*

*click in for more

18. On 2005-10-18, ScottM said:

Worked for me now. No one in my area either (Central California), though that's not much of a surprise. I have hope for the future.


19. On 2005-10-18, Vaxalon said:

Clinton needs a banner.  I have people asking to set up links to Findplay.


20. On 2005-10-18, Brand Robins said:

Wow, there's already someone else in Toronto.


Now if only I can find time for yet more game.


21. On 2005-10-18, Meguey said:

This is way cool, plus, I made link buttons!


direct link

This makes...
VAX go "Thanks!"
ecb go "Meg rocks!"*

*click in for more

22. On 2005-10-19, Charles Wotton said:

It works fine for me.

I was going to complain that no one had signed up in the Toronto area, but...pleased to meet you Brand.


direct link

This makes...
BR go "Pleased to meet you too."*
CCW go "yup"*

*click in for more

23. On 2005-10-19, Kirk said:

I'll be signing up soon. The only problem is that most of you guys are in North America. Nobody down here at the ass end of the world (Australia).


direct link

This reminds...
Rob F of Rats.

This makes...
Rob F go "You anywhere near Cairns, Kirk?"*
KM go "I'm in the Blue Mountains actually."*

*click in for more

24. On 2005-10-19, Meguey said:

I know there are least a half dozen folks in Australia who own DitV, 'cause I mailed it to them. Granted, it's a big country.


25. On 2005-10-20, IMAGinES said:

Doesn't seem to like me. I keep getting an application error whenever I try to create an ID.


26. On 2005-10-20, Kirk said:

It doesn't like me either. Even when I fill in all of the fields! Says something about an array and object, I can't remember and I don't have it right in front of me now (dammit, you're a programmer, you should know these things!)


27. On 2005-10-20, Ben Lehman said:

I'm having trouble getting it to recognize Ulaan Bataar.  :-(  I guess I'll just jump ahead to Beijing.

To everything else, yes.  And, also, I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to visit me in China.  Come!  Visit!

(Once I'm settled.)



direct link

This makes...
KM go "Maybe I will..."*
MW go "physics in China?"*
BL go "Job and language"*
TC go "Stay in touch..."*

*click in for more

28. On 2005-10-21, Kirk said:

NoMethodError in Player#register
WARNING:  You have a nil object when you probably didn't expect it!  Odds are you
want an instance of Array instead.

Look in the callstack to see where you're working with an object that could be nil.
Investigate your methods and make sure the object is what you expect!

I am rather confused. Help!


direct link

This reminds...
RobF of It hates us Aussies.

This makes...
NinJ go "I got that when I left a field blank."
KM go "I filled in everything though."
MC go "It might be an Australia thing"*
KMq go "Why does that not surprise me"*
CB go "It's an Australian thing."*
KM go "Tear."*
BP go "Not just Aussies"*

*click in for more

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