thread: 2005-10-18 : FindPlay

On 2005-10-21, Kirk wrote:

NoMethodError in Player#register
WARNING:  You have a nil object when you probably didn't expect it!  Odds are you
want an instance of Array instead.

Look in the callstack to see where you're working with an object that could be nil.
Investigate your methods and make sure the object is what you expect!

I am rather confused. Help!


This makes NinJ go "I got that when I left a field blank."

This makes KM go "I filled in everything though."

This makes MC go "It might be an Australia thing"
Or rather, an everywhere in the world Goggle Maps doesn't cover thing. Clinton talked about it in a Forge thread (on the Connections forum, I think).

This makes KMq go "Why does that not surprise me"
Bathurst doesn't register on google maps. For some reason Bathurst has been merged with one of the neighbouring cities. I'll try that.

This makes CB go "It's an Australian thing."
It doesn't handle Australian locations, because Google Maps doesn't. Which makes me sad.

This makes KM go "Tear."
Oh well. Message to all: send any Aussies my way! I haven't played an RPG in months! Many!

This makes BP go "Not just Aussies"
My hometown's in California, and definately covered in Google Maps. Same error message. What gives?

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This reminds RobF of It hates us Aussies.