thread: 2005-10-18 : FindPlay

On 2005-10-20, Ben Lehman wrote:

I'm having trouble getting it to recognize Ulaan Bataar.  :-(  I guess I'll just jump ahead to Beijing.

To everything else, yes.  And, also, I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to visit me in China.  Come!  Visit!

(Once I'm settled.)



This makes KM go "Maybe I will..."
It would be an honour to meet the illustrious Ben Lehman. I'm doing a sort of "world tour" in a year or two. Plus, China is closer than the states.

This makes MW go "physics in China?"
You're settling there to get a job? Or just to score with the Middle Kingdom babes?

This makes BL go "Job and language"
Not a job with physics, though. And I'm hoping to avoid the ESL trap. Wish me luck!

This makes TC go "Stay in touch..."
Hope you enjoy your new digs, Ben. Stay in touch :)

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