thread: 2005-10-17 : Confronting the Reality

On 2005-10-19, Troy_Costisick wrote:


It kills me that I live in such a black hole of gamingness.  It's great to have a job that I love, and I'm so thankful that I have met my finace here.  But there are times I long for the comraderie of fellow gamers and designers.

I've got two games now, Cutthroat and Hierarchy to get finsihed.  Bringing them to print will definately be a challenge...but a very rewarding and satisfying challenge! :)

Good luck to all who undertake this venture.  The road is hard, but so worth the journey.




This makes KM go "I hear you."
Black holes of gaminglessness are a real bummer. Where are you?

This makes TC go "Appreciate it..."
I live in a small town called Lebanon in the middle of Kentucky. It's at least an hour drive in any direction before I hit a town with at least 50k people. It's quiet and peaceful, but very rural :(

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