thread: 2005-11-14 : The Story of My Life

On 2005-11-22, TonyLB wrote:

Well, you're essentially holding an open discussion where new people wander in most any time, and jump right into the conversation without really asking "Hey, what's gone before?"

I don't know why we do it.  I really don't.  I mean, I love the discussions, but ... we've got to be doing it for some reason other than to construct truth, step by step.  Either we're stupid (which I'd grant for me, but not for you) or there is some benefit to us of going over the basics, over and over and over again.

I know that's the case for martial arts:  I learn a lot by teaching the basics to new people ... each person has slightly different questions, and so my foundation gets more and more broadly and carefully examined as I explain it.  I can hope that the same thing happens in these discussions.


This makes NinJ go "What do you study, Tony?"
I practice Kyudo and studied Aikido for years, with a bit of Iaido thrown in to make me frustrated.

This makes TLB go "Jujitsu"
Pretty? Seldom. Effective? Often.

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