thread: 2005-12-09 : Tovey Lynn Baker

On 2005-12-09, Vincent wrote:

A few people have asked me about his name.

1) It's not a family name, but it's a name that any of my Danish or Meg's Swedish people might have had. Tovey the Prudent, for instance, was King Canute's standard bearer.

2) It's a name we'd considered before he was born, but rejected on the theory that it was short for Christopher, which theory one of us made up totally out of his butt. One of us famously quipped "well, we could name him Antichristopher. Or Atheodore!" One of us is, well, me.

3) When he was born, all night and the next morning, we kept trying to name him Toby, and it just wasn't working out.

4) He's not named after Tove Jansson in pretty much the same way that Sebastian's not named after Johann Sebastian Bach and Elliot's not named after T. S. Elliot.

Oh, and Lynn is a family name, a family male middle name even, on Meg's father's side, going back to one Lynd Lord, who was the first judge in the English colonies in North America.


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