2005-12-09 : Tovey Lynn Baker

I drew this last night:

The text reads:
Meg & Tovey
December 8 2005
Tovey's 24 hours old.

1. On 2005-12-09, Vincent said:

He was born Wednesday night, December 7, at 9:00 on the dot, after a quick and mellow labor. He was 6 lb 2 oz, 19 inches long. He, Meg, and all of us are well and happy!


2. On 2005-12-09, LordSmerf said:

Congratulations!  May you each find joy in this addition to you family.



3. On 2005-12-09, joshua m. neff said:

December babies, rock on! (I was born on December 24th.)

Congratulations to the whole family!


4. On 2005-12-09, Tom said:



5. On 2005-12-09, Iskander said:


- Alexander


6. On 2005-12-09, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Congratulations to all five of you! He's a cute one.


7. On 2005-12-09, Troy_Costisick said:

Grats Vincent! :)



8. On 2005-12-09, Matt Snyder said:

Love the name. I'm thrilled for all of you. Somehow, thankfully, you don't my vision of My Three Sons!

Stay well, everyone. Best wishes from my family to yours!


9. On 2005-12-09, James Nostack said:

Just one more, Vincent, and then you'll have the classic four person adventuring party.

Hurray for the Baker Family!


10. On 2005-12-09, ScottM said:

Congratulations. Glad to hear it went so smoothly.


11. On 2005-12-09, Matt Wilson said:



12. On 2005-12-09, anon. said:

Congratulations!  :)


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13. On 2005-12-09, Tobias said:

Hip Hip!


14. On 2005-12-09, Curly said:



15. On 2005-12-09, xenopulse said:



16. On 2005-12-09, Jonathan Walton said:



17. On 2005-12-09, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Woohoo!  Babies are great!  Congratulations, Vincent!


18. On 2005-12-09, Matt Forbeck said:

Congratulations, Vincent, to you and your larger "yours!"


19. On 2005-12-09, anon. said:

Mazel tov!



20. On 2005-12-09, Vincent said:

A few people have asked me about his name.

1) It's not a family name, but it's a name that any of my Danish or Meg's Swedish people might have had. Tovey the Prudent, for instance, was King Canute's standard bearer.

2) It's a name we'd considered before he was born, but rejected on the theory that it was short for Christopher, which theory one of us made up totally out of his butt. One of us famously quipped "well, we could name him Antichristopher. Or Atheodore!" One of us is, well, me.

3) When he was born, all night and the next morning, we kept trying to name him Toby, and it just wasn't working out.

4) He's not named after Tove Jansson in pretty much the same way that Sebastian's not named after Johann Sebastian Bach and Elliot's not named after T. S. Elliot.

Oh, and Lynn is a family name, a family male middle name even, on Meg's father's side, going back to one Lynd Lord, who was the first judge in the English colonies in North America.


21. On 2005-12-09, Jason L Blair said:

Excellent news. Congratulations, Vincent.


22. On 2005-12-09, Joshua BishopRoby said:



23. On 2005-12-09, Jenn C said:

Well, I had a Swedish friend with a dog named Toffy, which WAS short for Christopher...
A million congrats.



24. On 2005-12-09, Brand Robins said:


Best wishes, prayers, and love to the child.


25. On 2005-12-09, Mo said:

Awww, such a sweet face!

Congrats to you and Meg!


26. On 2005-12-09, Paul Tevis said:

Congratulations to all of you!


27. On 2005-12-09, Vaxalon said:

(Raise) "My wife gives birth to a son.  Twenty."

"I give."


28. On 2005-12-09, Keith said:

Congrats to you and your family!


29. On 2005-12-09, Jay Loomis said:

Congratulations! Best wishes to all.


30. On 2005-12-09, misuba said:

Many congratulations!


31. On 2005-12-09, Rob MacD said:

Masel tov! Big time congratumaltions.


32. On 2005-12-09, Ninja Monkey J said:

That ring's got some good magic. It's made out of curiosity, life out of death (like mushrooms), and resilience. It's a surly, natural thing, and it doesn't like the owner telling it what to do like a tree doesn't like a sidewalk. But even those trees can be guided, pruned, and return care.


33. On 2005-12-09, Charles said:

Wow, congratulations and best wishes! I have some vague plan of coming east sometime this spring, looking forward to seeing you and Meg and meeting all three of the boys.


34. On 2005-12-09, Victor Gijsbers said:

Congratulations. :)


35. On 2005-12-10, Chris said:

Mo'betta baby!  Congrats!


36. On 2005-12-10, C. Edwards said:

Very nice! Congratulations.

p.s. my father's middle name is Lynn.


37. On 2005-12-10, ricmadeira said:

And another roleplayer is born into the world... Congratulations!!


38. On 2005-12-10, Jeff Z said:

Congratulations, VB. Planning any more?


39. On 2005-12-10, John Laviolette said:

I'd say "congratulations", but since I don't want to be a follower of the crowd, I'll say "damn, that's some good art right there, and a cute baby".


40. On 2005-12-10, Moose said:

Congratulations!  And what a fine rendering of your son and his mom...thanks for sharing it.


41. On 2005-12-10, Kip Manley said:



42. On 2005-12-10, Charles Wotton said:



43. On 2005-12-10, Jasper Polane said:



44. On 2005-12-10, Halzebier said:

Alles, alles Gute f??r die Zukunft.

(~Best wishes for the future.)


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45. On 2005-12-10, Matt Schlotte said:

Wonderful news, and we are all happy to hear that your family is doing so well. I'm glad Meg didn't have to wait too much longer after I talked to her for Tovy to decide to show up.

Great name also.

I look forward to when Tovy and Maddox can stare and babble at each other this summer. Do take care of yourself and your spectacular family.


46. On 2005-12-10, Nir Shiffer said:

Congratulations! Love the name!


47. On 2005-12-10, kesher said:

Congratulations!  It must be baby-time; we just went to the hospital last night to visit friends of ours who had a little girl on the 8th.

Tovey is a great name, and when he's a little older, you can bet that picture'll be going to show-and-tell!



48. On 2005-12-10, Spooky Fanboy said:


Seriously, are you and Seth Ben-Ezra conspiring to repopulate the planet? Cause it sure seems like there are some fecund game designers out there!


49. On 2005-12-11, Matthijs Holter said:

Congratulations! Tovey's a great name!


50. On 2005-12-12, charles ferguson said:

Wow! Congratulations Vincent!
hey, 3 of the boy kind... going for a girl next? :)
Best wishes to you all, man (and woman & boy & boy & smallest boy). A joyful time.


51. On 2005-12-12, Michael S. Miller said:

Kat & I want to offer Congrats and Best Wishes to you and all of yours. Treasure them like the blessings they are.


52. On 2005-12-12, Kaare Berg said:

Gratulerer. Great news. All the best.


53. On 2005-12-16, anon. said:

A small act of creativity (the drawing) to celebrate your greater creation. Congratulations to all your newly expanded family.


54. On 2005-12-16, MylesC said:

That was me above forgetting to identify myself in the heat of the moment.


55. On 2006-01-09, Troy_Costisick said:

Happy 1 month birthday to Tovey!




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