2005-12-13 : Tovey Photos

1. On 2005-12-13, jeffwik said:



2. On 2005-12-13, Justin A Hamilton said:



3. On 2005-12-13, Chris Goodwin said:

Vincent!  He's adorable!  Major awww!


4. On 2005-12-13, xenopulse said:

What a cutie. Hard to believe that that's what Aidan was like two years ago. Since you've already been through it a couple of times, I don't have to tell you how quickly they grow up :)


5. On 2005-12-13, Shiffer said:



6. On 2005-12-13, Steve Marsh (Ethesis) said:

Babies are so sweet.  Congrats.


7. On 2005-12-13, Matt Snyder said:

Awesome. You guys look so happy and appreciative, especially in that second picture! I know the feeling. Wonderful! Congratulations!


8. On 2005-12-13, chris moore said:

Yeah for homebirths!!!

-the midwife's husband


direct link

This makes...
SAB go "Homebirth? Woot!"

9. On 2005-12-13, Matt Wilson said:

I heard he can already read at a 4th grade level.


direct link

This makes...
CG go "I heard..."*
BL go "I heard..."*
SF go "I heard..."*
NinJ go "I heard..."*

*click in for more

10. On 2005-12-13, Matt Schlotte said:

Congratulations! He's adorable, and already has more hair then either of my girls. Long fingers as well.


11. On 2005-12-14, charles ferguson said:

He has got long fingers.

He's a looker alright...


12. On 2005-12-14, James Holloway said:



13. On 2005-12-14, Sydney Freedberg said:

Congratulations. A newborn always makes me want to stand on some high place and shout, "See? You didn't break us! We keep coming!"

Somewhere, Albert Walter McKie is cheering.

We die with the dying:
See, they depart, and we go with them.
We are born with the dead:
See, they return, and bring us with them.


14. On 2005-12-15, sammy baby said:

A million congratulations and well wishes. :)


15. On 2005-12-15, Carrie said:

Happy Baby!


16. On 2005-12-18, Kim (Basement Variety!) said:

He's beautiful (as is Meg!).  Congratulations on your new addition.  It's such a great thing to welcome a new little one into the world.  We'll look forward to meeting him in the summer.

Warmest Regards & Cheers!

(of Matt, Kim, Sydney & Maddox)


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