thread: 2006-03-03 : Viva la Revolution!

On 2006-03-03, Vincent wrote:

Sydney: it's not any more nuanced than that. It is, to be fair, slightly less hyperbolized than that.

My recommendation is to fulfill your own game for just as long as you can stand the pain and hassle, and then sign on with Brennan. I'm looking forward to not dragging my boxes to the PO in the snow anymore, but I wouldn't give away the experience of having done so.


This makes MB go "*ahem*"
9 times out of 10 it was me doing the mailing, thank you. And i actually realy liked it. I got to know three different PO people well, and I'm going to miss seeing them as often. I know the fulfilment was getting to be a drag for Vincent, but I'd still be game to do it for a while yet.

This makes VB go "without your help..."
I woulda ditched out a year ago.

This makes RE go "Not hyperbole to me"
I hate fulfilling orders.

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