thread: 2006-03-03 : Viva la Revolution!

On 2006-03-03, Vincent wrote:

Scott: it's not so much Brennan's promotion, although I expect I'm going to kick myself later for having missed out on that for so long. Really - for me - it's all about how much work fulfilling orders is. As demand for Dogs has steadily increased, the customer service I'm providing has steadily declined.

I'm reluctant to not do things myself, that's just how I am. In Dogs' case, I CAN'T do it myself anymore.


This makes luke go "amen"
I went through a very similar process. I even dragged Dro in to do fulfillment for about 300 odd orders. Eventually, it became a question of: Do I work on new projects, or do I fulfill orders. At that point, I knew I had to fix that! Both are important, both must be done, but I could only focus on one at a time.

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