thread: 2006-03-03 : Viva la Revolution!

On 2006-03-03, Sydney Freedberg wrote:

> My recommendation is to fulfill your own game for just as long as you can stand the pain and hassle....

Errr - why?

Is this a "sure it hurts, but you'll cherish the experience forever" kind of thing? Because, if so, I gotta say my wife went for the epidural pretty quickly, and I'd have done the same, so Our Mileage May Vary.

Or is this about "doing it yourself initially builds better relations with, and understanding of, your terribly fragile customer base, allowing you to nurture it and make it grow until it's robust enough that you can safely hand it off to someone else?" Because that logic I can get into.


This makes luke go "It's a lesson"
It's a lesson in customer service, humility and DIY. Fulfilling your own orders builds good habits for dealing with your fulfillment house later on. You know exactly what they have to do to get an order out and you know when you're helping or hindering the process.

This makes SF go "Lesson in customer service, got it"
That makes sense to me. DIY-ness I can take or leave, and humility, well, I'm exceptionally good at being humble already.

This makes JB go "understand your business"
It's a choice like any other aspect of the indie thing: do you do your own writing, or outsource? Publish yourself, or find a publisher? Distribute yourself, or get a fulfillment deal? Doing it yourself isn't "better" than outsourcing, except that like the other aspects, it allows you to control that part of the business until you know it well enough to know what you want and how you want to do it. -James

This makes Luke go "Actually,"
In the context of this blog and what we (we=peers o' Vincent), DIY is "better."

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