thread: 2005-04-18 : The Structure of the Game

On 2005-04-25, Andy Bitchnipples wrote:

Actually, Ben, that's Riipurei.

Charles: "What is the trick to doing full transcripts?"

The trick is this:
1) Keep the adventures short and sweet. 2-3 hours helps.
2) Record, AND DOCUMENT, that background noise, too.  Not every call for chips or soda, but the funny side-comments that happen, and write those in. As you do it in the game to break up the game a little, it breaks up the text a little and makes it enjoyable, more real.
3) Otherwise, just toss out a tape recorder in the middle of the table.  One person takes it and types up the notes.


4) The person typing up the transcript can sell it at a gaming convention: add in a cover, character pics and 1-2 "game happening" pics, throw the text in, and sell it for $3 to $5 a pop.  So you get your time back in Phat Cash.

5) Also, people that write up replays are often encouraged by Game Rules for the GM to give them extra XP, etc.



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