thread: 2006-05-12 : A quick Mechaton thought

On 2006-05-17, Vincent wrote:

I propose that the number of points each player starts with be a function of both number of mecha and number of dice.

It is.

Say you have 12 guys with, between them, 36 dice (their white dice + 1 die each). I have 5 guys with, between them, 30 dice (their white dice + the max of 4 more dice each). We each have 2 vaporators.

You have more guys and more dice, so I'm at 7 points per happy and you're at 3 points per happy.

You've got 14 happies - 12 guys and 2 vaporators. You start with 42 points.

I've got 7 happies - 5 guys and 2 vaporators. I start with 49 points.

So in order to tie the game, you have to take out one of my mechs. If you take out two of my mechs or seize one of my vaporators, without losing anything yourself, you win.

6 turns will be very tight, what with me double-counting down and all. You might want to give your guys some more dice.


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