thread: 2006-05-23 : The yellow dice rule

On 2006-05-23, Valamir wrote:

I'm not sure I grok the purpose of having both rule #3 and the second half of rule #5.

That is I can see why from a game balancing perspective you might want to discard the yellow die after use even though from a simmy angle and a fun blast the hell out of 'em strategy leaving the die out there to be used by any one would be kinda cool (i.e. the target is painted and lit up like a christmas tree thanks to that yellow 6.  everybody unload on him).

But then I don't see why you need rule three to make sure there is only 1 yellow die out there.

Why not just let however many yellow dice there are just remain there?  As they get used they get discarded but this way you could possibly have several spots on the same mech.

To me this would be be balanced by the the fact that of the multiple yellow dice the low ones quite likely aren't going to be useful anyway, so only sometimes would you have several high yellows to get used.  And working out maneuvers with your mechs to be able to effectively take advantage of such an event (or be tempted into doing something foolish in order to take advantage of such an event) seems to be tactically interesting.

A yellow die is basically just a reroll for somebody elses red die (if I understand rule #2 it can't be a reroll for your own red die because it happens after you fire), but its not a red die itself so the advantage of having a tactically flexible yellow die is balanced by the fact that you're not really increasing the maximum damage you can do.


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