thread: 2006-05-23 : The yellow dice rule

On 2006-05-26, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Another use for Yellows: they have a range but don't prevent you from getting a green d8 for not having ranged weapons. Very excellent for scouts: two green d6s (say) plus a d8, plus yellow dice that allow him to act as an artillery spotter. That means he can still move superfast to do scouty stuff (grabbing vaporators from behind enemy lines, diverting attention, and spotting), and still has (limited) combat options (h2h in a pinch, yellow dice calling down the lightning).

I decided to give my Scout three Big Missiles (which don't count for initiative purposes) and no red dice. It had arms and legs, so it could fight with Whites if it needed to, but the thing was about speed (theoretically; if I recall, I think I gave it too many dice anyway, so initiative got buggered.)

Also, next game, I want to introduce some story elements ?? la Roroga. That means building non-vaporator goals: little trucks, crashed satellites, that kind of thing. Part of the fun of Battletech was, for me, the fiction we made up to go with the fighting. It seems like we can get pretty close to making sleek little bits of fiction for and with this. I think that's why I want campaign rules, by the way.


This makes go "If missiles don't count for initiative..."
Do they count against the 6-die total limit for each mech? As red dice for the purposes of snagging the green d8? As dice for determining points per victory?

This makes Uriel go " "they have a range""
do sensors have a specific range when the mecha has no ranged red dice? As in either short or long range?

This makes NinJ go "Of missiles and radar dishes"
Missiles don't count against your dice limit. You can only use them once and the benefit of shooting more than 5 at once is negligible. You could have 10 (if V. doesn't decide the "up to three" rule), and then be able to fire two salvos of 5, which would be pretty serious business, but not game-breaking.

Sensor range is HtH or Direct Fire, never Artillery.

Hey, HtH sensing could give you a yellow d8 for a bennie.

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