thread: 2006-09-14 : Doing religion with someone can...

On 2006-09-14, Meguey wrote:

Doing religion with someone -
- can be as simple as sharing a meal
- can move you deeply
- can be dry and bereft of meaning
- can make you a hypocrite
- can alienate you from your family
- can save you from your family
- can strengthen your family
- can give you a social community
- can lead you to deep peace
- can give you insight into how they think
- can be a huge and mutually nurturing service
- can be really irritating
- can give you strength to do hard work together
- can make you dangerous to others
- can be silly and light and fun
- can be healing
- can be constant politics
- can be the least important thing you do together
- can be a starting point


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