thread: 2006-11-11 : Tarkut Ptimanya

On 2006-11-11, Sydney Freedberg wrote:

These stills don't capture the full power of "Oh no, Paktalist terrorists! Don't hurt our children!" without its Ministry of Mandatory Enlightment "Best Original Soundtrack"-award-winning songs, but I'll try to capture some of it here:

Oh no, Paktalist terrorists!
O! Our glorious Tarkut motherland weeps!
She weeps bitter tears of blood!
Why do you wound her so, you insensitive persons?
Please don't hurt our children!

Oh no, Paktalist terrorists!
O! Glorious motherland, do not weep!
Beautiful mother, dry your tears!
Look! Though admittedly an alarming number of them are dead,
Behold the valor of your remaining children!

No, no, Paktalist terrorists!
We will not longer shed tears, but rather shed your unclean, treacherous, purulent blood!
See us take our worn but unbroken weapons in our hands!
We, the children, will now hurt you! Fuckers!

(Translation copyright MEMRI)


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