thread: 2006-11-11 : Tarkut Ptimanya

On 2006-11-12, NinJ wrote:

Translated from a Mukun folk song:

Tarkut people, they smell like goats
They take our goats because they miss their mothers
They take our women because their women smell like goats.

[Chorus] Let's throw them out like we did last time!*
We'll kick their crotches and eat their horses!
We'll take their gold and give it to our daughters!
We'll piss on their gods and send them home crying!
We'll do unto them the enormous hurt!

Only one thing will save us!
The holy shovel of righteousness will ring off their skulls
like a crack of thunder and the call to prayer!


*The chorus is the only verse that lasts from one version of this song to the next. It's usually sung with one person singing a single verse, made up on the spot, and everyone joining in, laughing, in the chorus. It gets pretty rowdy. Women are not allowed to sing this song, though that has been a source of some contention in this modern age. This particular version was recorded by Dr. Jurzi N. Tunukuan, an anthropologist who happened to be studying the Mukun when war was beginning.


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