thread: 2006-12-28 : Society and the heart of religion

On 2006-12-28, Larry Lade wrote:

(Sorry to butt in before Steve answers, but I had already formed some thoughts on this when it was mentioned in the original thread, so I'm happy you seized on the subject.)

I had assumed this notion holds up in the general. I've heard many such things regarding the dubious mores and scandals of Roman Catholic clergy in Rome (in ways that only travel by word-of-mouth and rumor) versus away from that core.

I think it even applies beyond religion. It can be observed in the corruption and jadedness of, say, federal politicians in Washington versus the rest of the country.

I think it's ultimately about how being involved in that administrative core and the various politics of leadership leads to erosion of idealism and to worldliness. How's that saying about the making of laws and sausages go again?


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