thread: 2007-10-11 : Blood Meridian

On 2007-10-11, Adam Thornton wrote:

Well, I am now.

Blood Meridian, if you're reading it from a DitV standpoint, is surely all about Demonic Escalation.  Except that it begins somewhere around Murder and rockets up into ever-escalating atrocities from there.

I have the feeling that had my usual group of gamers (I wrote on The Forge about their experience with KPfS) had stuck with DitV they would have ended up like Glanton's Raiders.  (I am in the sad situation that I am the GM, and I want to do narrative-heavy collaborative games; one of my players is outright allergic to storytelling games, and the rest basically prefer tactical combat to roleplaying-as-such.)

The aesthetic of Blood Meridian: blood, dust, merciless sun, reflexive brutality, wide skies.  DitV has the dust and merciless sun and skies, certainly, but whether or not the other two come in is up to the players.  That's why Poison'd is in that brew in my formulation, since without the blood and the brutality, Poison'd would be something else.



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