2005-05-11 : Shining Dodecahedron

At his blog Shining Dodecahedron, Jay Loomis is doing what I'm doing, laying groundwork for conversations about RPG theory and design. He doesn't have an open house where we can ask him hard, impossible questions (yet?), but he is saying some provocative things:

Rules also provide context. There is context between the character and the setting, between the player and the system, between the character and color, and more—all in the rules of the game. This is a subtle variation on prescribing how you play the game. The rules give guidance, often implicitly, about how to role-play a character, or how to describe an even in the game.

(from What an RPG Needs)

Check it out.

1. On 2005-05-11, coxcomb said:

I'm so happy someone read my blog. And Vincent no less!

If people actually start reading things I'll definitely have to start and open house.



2. On 2005-05-11, Vincent said:

Well here's your first open house topic then: expand that paragraph into a whole post, with examples if you can. I want to know!


3. On 2005-05-11, ScottM said:

I actually read this before Vincent linked to it; that handshaking thread has a lot of neat links in it.  Even if Vincent's burning out on theory without play, there are others to cover the theorizing shortfall.  Even that's not necessary, since the IGC competition seems to have reinvigorated Vincent's desire for theory/design talk.


4. On 2005-05-11, coxcomb said:

I've been working on the context essay. I guess I have to get off my ass and finish it now.



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