2005-08-31 : Dogs in the Vineyard Review Podcast

In Have Games, Will Travel #6, Paul Tevis reviews Dogs. He sounds pretty jazzed. Coolness!

1. On 2005-09-01, Paul Tevis said:

I am beyond jazzed. It just wouldn't have been nice for me to climb out people's headphones and threaten to beat them to a bloody pulp if they didn't play the game.


2. On 2005-09-02, xenopulse said:

And now we have the whole book as an audio file :)


3. On 2005-09-06, Brand_Robins said:

There was another Have Games where Ken Hite talks about the Mountain Witch and says "it makes Dogs in the Vineyard look like GURPS."

That line almost killed me laughing. I love HGWT.


4. On 2005-09-08, Ninja Monkey J said:

I gotta tell ya: I'm so fucking proud to have my name on these games.


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