2005-09-07 : The GenCon writeup I'm still waiting for...

Quote by Emily, from here:

Sunday:  Another great series is born: Blue Lines, behind the scenes in a disney cartoon series where you get to see what the characters really think of their animator & struggle with class discrimination between Protagonists & extras.  Joshua produced for myself, Allan, Eric Finley, Starr & Ben.  Proving yet again that this game sets the bar for fun.

Should I give up hope? I am Vincent's puppy dog eyes.

1. On 2005-09-07, Ninja Monkey J said:

Yeah, come on, Emily! You're the one with the notes!

Damn, that was a fun game.


2. On 2005-09-07, Vincent said:

Yeah, but she wasn't the only one there was she? and who was the producer, precisely?

List the characters, set up the first scene, then pass to the next player, by name if you feel like it! That works great for actual play writeups.

My puppy dog eyes say: PUNY MORTAL! DO NOT DEFY ME! I WANT TO READ!


3. On 2005-09-07, Emily said:

But I do wanna write it up! Phooey on being ridiculously busy...


4. On 2005-09-07, Ninja Monkey J said:

I produced, but Emily has all the notes.

Quick, Emily, before it's lost in memory like tears in rain!


5. On 2005-09-07, JasonN said:

Dude.  *stare*

"All those moments will be lost in /time/, like tears in rain."

However, props for the sentiment.  This is why I am an obsessive game recordkeeper.  :)


6. On 2005-09-08, Ninja Monkey J said:

Only the "like tears in rain" was a quote, dig. The sentence didn't start out that way.

I've been thinking about Blade Runner a lot, lately, due to Shock development ... uh... developing. Damn, it's a good movie. Anyone who wants to can come over and watch it with me tomorrow night.


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This makes...
RH go "phooey"*
NInJ go "Wow! Rutger Hauer responding to me!"*

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7. On 2005-09-08, Emily said:

What did Rutger think?

By the way, it's up now.


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This makes...
James go "New pause before taking action: "What would Rutger do?""
NInJ go "WWRD?"
BL go "Make a movie?"
VB go "what did I see that guy in..."*

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8. On 2005-09-08, Vincent said:

Thanks Em!


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sdm go "OT: Nice More Games Page"

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