2005-11-01 : Not Quite in Time for Halloween...

I'm offering kill puppies for satan for sale in print. In print again! Crazy. You can buy it from the lumpley games online store, if for some reason you want to.

Oh - and I've updated the kpfs pdf on the Forge Bookshelf. By "I've updated the pdf" I mean "I've given Clinton the new pdf and he's uploaded it" - thanks Clinton! Anyway I'll be sending out mass emails letting subscribers know to come download the new file, but that'll take me some time to accomplish, and you should feel free to not wait. The new file is available now.

The new Dogs file too, as it happens.

1. On 2005-11-02, MichaelC said:

Okay, I'll ask....what's changed in the new kpfs PDF?


direct link

This makes...
SF go "Copyedited?"*

*click in for more

2. On 2005-11-03, Vincent said:

The old PDF was the non-annotated kill puppies for satan. The new PDF is the annotated kill puppies for satan. I wrote some new stuff for the game and stuck it in there - rules and advice based on actual play, mostly.


3. On 2005-11-03, Vincent said:

Oh and also - it's both kill puppies for satan and cockroach souffle together, laid out as though for a single volume.


4. On 2005-11-04, Gamerchick said:

Hey, Vincent, as a purchaser of the previous edition, is there any chance I can get a break on the PDF of the new edition? (and why do I have the odd notion that I thought I bought it... must've been another cool Indy game...)


5. On 2005-11-04, Vincent said:

Email me!


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