2006-01-04 : That Thing

I just saw someone in the hospital cafeteria who looked for an instant like Tony L-B. I had that excited rush, like "Tony! Great to see you! What are you doing here!" followed immediately by that irritated spite, disproportionately intense, like "you SUCK, guy. You have NO BUSINESS looking like my friend when you aren't even him. GO HOME JERKWAD."

So, uh, way to go, Tony L-B. You made me mad at some guy just for his not being you.

1. On 2006-01-04, Matt Wilson said:

Should I feel bad that I'm totally jealous of Tony?


2. On 2006-01-04, Matt Snyder said:

Don't worry, he'll read the name Matt approximately 496 times next week and we'll both get to feel the anger-love.


3. On 2006-01-04, Ben Lehman said:

That happens to me all the damned time.  Like, even in China.  I'm like "Hi Calder!  What are you doing in China and ... oh fuck that's a Chinese guy."



4. On 2006-01-09, TonyLB said:

Well I, for one, can think of no better reason than to be pissed off at somebody than to realize that he is not Tony.  Can there be any greater crime?


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