2006-01-17 : A Family Interlude

Vincent: I like to think of myself as just cool enough for school.
Sebastian: I like to think of you as just plain weird.

Kids, I tell ya.

1. On 2006-01-18, Council Member Coyote said:

Did I loose my title as weird uncle? Gabe told me the other day that I am just like the monkey on "Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto!". Thinking that I was nothing like that as I am more like the armadillo than the annoying monkey, I inquired why. She said that I sing as bad as the monkey, and that they all ask him to stop like she and mommy do me.

Thanks kid.


2. On 2006-01-18, xenopulse said:

"Weird" was my stepsons' favorite word to describe me when we first lived together. Now I turned the whole family cuckoo, so I don't stand out anymore :)

- Christian


3. On 2006-01-18, Matt Wilson said:

Somewhere in my mind I'm imagining a conversation maybe 8 years from now...

Sebastian: Shaving sure is a drag. You mean I have to do this constantly for the rest of my life?

V: You don't if you grow out a badass full beard like this one.

S: Dad, you're a genius!


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This makes...
SLB go "Here's my beard. Ain't it weird?"*
SLB go "Aaagh!"*
VB go "working on it."
VB go "done."*
VB go "hold on. Now why, oh why..."*
VB go "fixed that too."

*click in for more

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