2005-05-23 : Snot Death

I have such a head cold. I think I'm contributing to the eventual snot death of the universe.

1. On 2005-05-25, Ben Lehman said:

According to nasodynamics, you can't not be.


2. On 2005-05-25, Chris Goodwin said:

I discovered the perfect drug combination for me.  4 Sudafed or one 120mg time release Sudafed plus one Claritin in the morning, 4 or 1 Sudafed plus two Benadryl at night.


3. On 2005-05-25, Vincent said:

My old friend and boss Dan always recommended two alternating shots each of whiskey and Louisiana hot sauce. I think on the "you won't care HOW sick you are" principle.

He wasn't a great boss, but he was a good guy. He gave me my first non-temp job. I hope he's doing better now than he was.


4. On 2005-05-25, Valamir said:

Actually, on a serious note...squirt vinegar up your nose.  Painful...yes...but effective.

Breathing boiling vinegar fumes also works, but not nearly as dramatically.


5. On 2005-05-25, Ben said:

Things I do:

really super-hot tea—don't drink it, just breath the steam.

big chunks of horseradish—chew well.



6. On 2005-05-25, Meguey said:

Moaning and whimpering is an option. Also lots of spicey food. Or Vicks rub.


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