2006-02-15 : The Laugh I Needed Today

Over at Story Games, a new RPG: SPULTURATORAH!

Intro If you are a roleplayer, chances are you are an overweight spotty obsessive prat who rolls greasy dice and kills orcs. You are probably dumb, and the things you love and play are dumb. Everyone is immature and ugly and obsessive and only likes killing things.

That is, until you play SPULTURATORAH. You will then be a narrativist StoryEngager who will wow your players (also now called StoryEngagers) with epic storylike stories of storytelling.

So I'm having a serious problem here at anyway. The problem is, every topic in RPG theory is either boring or offensive.

Or maybe it's just fuckin' February.

1. On 2006-02-15, Meguey said:

I want Tim Burton as a Trait.


direct link

This makes...
ecb go "Can I take Winona Ryder?"
JAK go "That will be included in the supplement..."*

*click in for more

2. On 2006-02-16, Emily Care said:

Andy is God. All hail Andy!


3. On 2006-02-16, Joshua BishopRoby said:

So I'm having a serious problem here at anyway. The problem is, every topic in RPG theory is either boring or offensive.

I think we ran out of new games to poke at.


4. On 2006-02-16, Mark W said:

If those are the choices, be offensive.

Seriously, nobody said you had to always post about deep, serious, productive stuff. Drop an Actual Play thread or something, go work on Dragon Killer or one of the other projects for a while, or, you know, just take a break.

The Great Gray Beast February could be responsible too, though.


5. On 2006-02-16, Marco said:

This is brilliant. I would gush more but I'm having trouble gettin' to the keyboard with my stumpy fingers! :-D



6. On 2006-02-16, luke said:



7. On 2006-02-16, ethan_greer said:

Boring is bad because it's boring. No need for further discussion there.

Offensive is bad because—and this is speculation on my part—it means people overreact and then you have to run around on your own blog putting out fires and quashing invalid conclusions and shit. All at the expense of meaningful discussion.

Am I right?


8. On 2006-02-16, Vincent said:

Offensive is bad for my soul, or at least for my mood.

For the reasons you say. Although let's be fair - if it's offensive, they aren't overreacting, they're just reacting.

I know psychic mind rage power doesn't work, and I don't fear karma, but nevertheless, do I really need a bunch of people mad at me?

If anybody knows any topics that are neither boring nor offensive, please feel free to raise 'em in Ask a Frequent Question.


9. On 2006-02-17, Kuma said:

It's all fun and games until its your Cheerios that are getting peed on.


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