2006-03-27 : Ketchup

The baby tomato was lagging behind the group. The daddy tomato spun around and stamped his foot. "Ketchup!"

Go to DC: check.
Return home safely: check.
Sleep: check.
Clean up spam: check.
Catch up on conversations here and everywhere: to do.
Post DC trip report, including scanned sketches: to do.

1. On 2006-03-27, Larry Lade said:

Mr. Baker,

I am shocked that you could advocate violence against infant vegetables! The veggie tales are my best friends. You are going to hell. Why don't you make the game kill fungus for satan, not veggies! You are a horrible person and you better not hurt any veggies or else my brother will whup your ass.

So... all my spam lately has been in Japanese. It's annoying.


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