2006-05-31 : That thing again

Today's that thing (1 2 3) person is: Danielle. I was just like, "Danielle! What are you doing here in the hospital cafeteria in Greenfield MA? With two children? And some random guy who isn't Paul? Wait a second... AW MAN NO FAIR."

1. On 2006-06-01, Ben Lehman said:

You know, someday I'm going to be in Massachusetts and take the bus out to your hospital and just sit there in the dining room waiting for you to bump into me.


direct link

This makes...
lpl go "Hehehehehehe"
aec go "You must take a camera"*

*click in for more

2. On 2006-06-01, Matt Wilson said:

Next I think you need to do a combo. Like maybe Jason Morningstar in scrubs trying to make like Rebecca Borgstrom take a huge-ass pill.

Then again, you might see that at GenCon. Who knows.


3. On 2006-06-03, TonyLB said:

Ben:  Shhh!  If he realizes what's -really- going on it will ruin the fun for all of us!


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