2006-06-08 : Teasering the new game

A couple sketches! This is more or less the illustration style for ... uh ... the game formerly known as AG&G.

It's wicked fun to draw this way. I haven't inked any yet - gotta go buy a pen or two. That's why they look like pencil sketches with the Photoshop curves turned all the way up so that you can only see the darkest lines, instead of like real illos.

1. On 2006-06-08, Adam B said:

It's only formerly known as AG&G? What's it gonna be now?


2. On 2006-06-08, Vincent said:

An excellent question.

But, everybody! Don't fill this thread with suggested titles. If you have a title I absolutely must hear, email me.


3. On 2006-06-08, ScottM said:

Are you planning on doing all the illustrations for this book?  (I like the two you've posted.)


4. On 2006-06-08, Larry Lade said:

The "other" elemental? Hmm. Now I need to know about the first elemental.


5. On 2006-06-08, Matt Wilson said:

Dude. The elemental has like goat eyes and stuff. That's 100 percent cool.

Or as it said on the Gotcha shirt I wore in 9th grade: "all killer, no filler."


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This makes...
lpl go "Sweet."*

*click in for more

6. On 2006-06-09, Vincent said:

Scott: I sure am.

These two (and 4 or 5 more like them) are for the chapter setup example. They'll be down to like the size of a quarter on the page, with arrows to show whose interests conflict with whose.


7. On 2006-06-09, John Harper said:

Very nice. I love this style.


8. On 2006-06-12, Ninja Monkey J said:

You inspired. I've done a couple illos for Shock: now. It looks like there will only be two, one for each section of Ben's Story Who Art in Heaven

(taken from our Vacuumorph game).

Drawing is fun!


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This makes...
NinJ go "Whoops. Would you close my underline so it doesn't bugger the rest of the page?"
VB go "doned."

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