2006-08-03 : 1001 Nights!

Just in case any of you haven't seen it announced elsewhere: Meg's game 1001 Nights is now available for preorder!

It's a wicked fun game. Also it's turned out to be an attractive little book.

Here's some actual play:
Falconer, Midwife, Dancer, Master of Sword
JiffyCon 1 After-Action Report
1001 Nights at JiffyCon

1. On 2006-08-03, Matt Wilson said:

I am very goddamn excited about that game. Hooray for Meg!


2. On 2006-08-04, Vincent said:

Hooray for Meg!

Editing the text and designing the book was really fun and satisfying for me. Me and Meg up into the wee hours fighting with each other about small details, sure, but overall fun and satisfying.

I'm proud of the book. It looks really good, I think. It has a couple of small errors that make me go "why didn't I see that when I made it?" but nothing too bad. And the answer is "because it was two o'clock in the morning on a work night, is why."

Meg says that it's freaky how close it is to her original vision, despite all the changes and compromises and coming-into-contact-with-reality. I'm going to be proud to see it on the shelf.

Hooray for what we do!


3. On 2006-08-04, Meguey said:

I remember the late night, but not any fighting.


4. On 2006-08-04, Vincent said:

Really? Better still! I assumed there must have been fighting.


5. On 2006-08-04, Erik said:

What I read sounds great. My fiance and me are reading a new German translation of "1001 Night" to each other over telephone due to our week-end relation. Meg's game might be an agent to bring her into roleplaying. I saw the idea to play it with only two players mentioned at the Forge this morning. So I'm off to check what the discussion has revealed.



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