2005-06-14 : As Of Now

As of now:

I've brought oh maybe a dozen recent posts and comment threads over into the database. That's good!

I've deleted my several test entries and comments. That's good!

The comment functionality seems to work just fine. Ninja J, is there a problem you're having?

I haven't yet brought in the open house posts and comment threads. They're technically complicated. I'll get to them this week.

There's some back-end stuff I need to do too.

Everybody: an enormous thank you and three cheers to Kevin.

As a lot of you know, my whole moral system is based on friends and family, hosts and guests. Kevin's been my webhost for several years, in the full moral sense. I appreciate his generosity and hard work. So should all of you who've read and participated here!

Thanks Kevin!

1. On 2005-06-14, Vincent said:

Oh, you know, maybe some of you don't know the whole story. It's short:

Kevin's been hosting me on his own server. A little while ago he writes and says hey, I'm decommissioning my server, you'll want to look around for new hosting. I say, okie dokie!

The end.

The spam was, as far as I know, unrelated.


2. On 2005-06-14, Vincent said:

The Deal with Spam

By default, TextDrive (my new webhost) fails comment submissions that include any of a long list of gambling-, sex-, or buy-prescription-medication-online-related words. If you click to preview or submit and you see a screen that says "precondition failed," that's why.

But you won't, because I've turned it off.

Sooner or later, they're going to figure out we're here and start spamming me again. When that happens, I'm going to turn the spam protection back on. Then, well, we're going to have to be geeks. It'll be the land of comparing our game mechanics to pok3r's and bl4ckjack's and talking about h0t l3sbian act1on.

So that's the deal.


3. On 2005-06-14, xenopulse said:

Thanks, Kevin.

I really dig the new feature on your menu that lists the newest comments and lets one jump right to it. Very k3wl.


4. On 2005-06-14, Vincent said:

Open House posts: check!

Still a bunch to do with the first one, but I have to build more back end before I can even.


5. On 2005-06-15, Ben Lehman said:

Hip, hip..!


P.S.  Glad to have you back, man.


6. On 2005-06-15, Ninja Hunter J said:

Everything is teh g00d!

Welcome back. Many checkings have happened since you went down and all but this one have been notwork.

I'm looking forward to playing rainball with you tomorrow.


7. On 2005-06-15, Ninja Hunter J said:

Hey, feature wishlist for TEH FUT0R:

- Set cookies in the client. That will allow:
- Editing of posts.
- Jumping to the last place you were when you were reading a thread.
- Putting chocolate chips in my mouth via the vehicle of delicious cookie.

The last one there might have to do with literal cookies, which, if you could make come out of your website, no one would go to other websites. Except the one that makes pies.


8. On 2005-06-15, JasonL said:


Glad to have your realm back up in the land of the e-living.

You are so l337!


"Oh, it's you...


9. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

Cookies: for certain. In the fut0r. First I gotta get the firkin-fackin lumpley games stuff back online.


direct link

This reminds...
VB of Testing

10. On 2005-06-15, ScottM said:

Welcome back. So, are you planning on Anyway being here on the root on lumpley, or is this address destined to change?  (Say to ?)

Good luck with the lumpley games transfer.


11. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

This is the good and final address!

Or if you like filenames in your urls:


12. On 2005-06-15, ScottM said:

Hopefully this is helpful more than annoying...  The article numbers are out of order—Wishlist 3 & 4 have entry numbers prior to 1 & 2.  [I suspect you'll want to get them organized before you go about relinking posts.]

(Another example, this post is #24, which preceeds all the wishlists...)
Scott []

Also, thanks for the preview!


13. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

The index is made! Check it out: Index of Entries.

You can see how few I've imported. I have far to go.


14. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

This is a small test. Don't mind me.


15. On 2005-06-15, Julie, aka jrs said:

Hiya Vincent,

Good to see your site is back.  Your old site had an RSS feed.  Any plans for one in the future?



16. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

For an RSS feed I depend on the kindness of strangers


I'd like to figure out how to make one myself, but that comes some time after the cookies...


17. On 2005-06-15, Ben Lehman said:

I am jealous of your archiving system.  It is very the sexy.



18. On 2005-06-15, Vincent said:

...And the search thingy works.

Let's see, I should make some sort of a "list all comments by [given person]" thingy too.


19. On 2005-06-15, Jay Loomis said:

You probably know of this by now, but the link to These Are Our Games is broken. Well, it's actually not a link at all at present, it's just text.


20. On 2005-06-15, Jason Petrasko said:

Good job! Welcome to the wide world of web development Vincent :)


21. On 2005-06-16, Charles said:

Happy you're back up. Impressed by the hand coded blogging software. Wondering if there if there is a reason other than geek pride that you didn't take this as an opportunity to convert to WordPress or MT or even Drupal.

Oh, and the ability to link to specific comments is very sweet (if a bit hidden, adding &show=yes to the address before the # does it, as does the "this possibly useful thing" link below).


22. On 2005-06-16, Ben Lehman said:

These are our Games is not linkinated because our present site is ass.  Vincent is saving me the embarrassment.



23. On 2005-06-16, Jay Loomis said:

Ah. My bad. But even your site that is ass is a site. All I have at Coxcomb Games is a double-lame under construction page...


24. On 2005-06-16, Tobias said:

Tx. Both to Vincent & Kevin.


25. On 2005-06-16, Vincent said:

TAOGames: last time I clicked through I got a 404, and the time before I got a little message that said "sooner or later a site will exist, maybe somewhere else." I figure that as soon as Ben announces that it's live I'll link to it, and meanwhile it's a string tied around my finger.

Geek pride: yep, geek pride. Also my job includes teaching myself PHP and MySQL and this is a good way.

&show=yes: if there's a clamor, I can make that the default. What I'd like most is to let each of you set it for yourself, via cookie.


26. On 2005-06-16, Emily Care said:

Previews! Your new version of Anyway rocks!

Many thanks to Kevin for bringing us thus far! (& congrats on the promotion to action figure status too, man, you rate! And congrats for that phd thingee too : )


27. On 2005-06-21, Ben Lehman said:

Bug Report:  The auto-generated HTML in "a possibly useful thing" generates <a> rathat than </a> as a closer, resulting in mangled HTML and endless links.



28. On 2005-06-21, Vincent said:

Yikes! So it does!

Or, rather, so it did!

Thanks Ben.


29. On 2005-06-22, Vincent said:

New thingy, look to the right.

The idea is to drop a link there to whatever the given comment reminds you of.

Let's see how that goes.


direct link

This reminds...
VB of Self-referentiality

This makes...
VB go ""
VB go "Uh..."*

*click in for more

30. On 2005-06-22, Eric Finley said:

Thass extremely cool.  Kudos, Vincent - that's wonderfully tidy.  Best thing about the new Anyway I've seen yet.


31. On 2005-06-29, Vincent said:



32. On 2005-06-29, Vincent said:

There was some more gambling spam, some of you might have noticed. I've taken kind of crude backend steps, we'll see how they work out. If they don't work out, I'll have to turn TextDrive's spam filtration back on.


33. On 2005-07-11, Vincent said:

This is a test.


34. On 2005-07-11, Vincent said:

This is another test.


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