2006-08-29 : A prayer letter

Dear universe,

Kindly knock it off with people I love having cancer, okay? Thanks.


1. On 2006-08-29, ScottM said:

I hope all goes well. Stupid universe.


2. On 2006-08-29, Ben Lehman said:

Dear Universe—

I would love you more if you stopped being so stupid.



3. On 2006-08-29, Guy Shalev said:

The numbers don't look promising, honestly, 1 in 3.

Of people I know? I don't know how many have cancer and I don't know of it. It took my family over a year to tell me my aunt has cancer.


4. On 2006-08-29, Julie, aka jrs said:

Hear, hear.


5. On 2006-08-29, Gregor said:

Sorry to hear that. Hoping that it was caught early and they can treat it.


6. On 2006-08-29, Meguey said:

Dear Universe

It's hard to stay upbeat when you keep dumping crap on us. We need some recovery time, ok?



7. On 2006-08-29, Matt Wilson said:

Dear Universe:

Please refrain from giving me any additional funerals to attend in the next month.

Thanks in advance.



8. On 2006-08-29, Vincent said:

Oh Matt, I'm sorry to hear that.


9. On 2006-08-29, Matt Wilson said:

Hey V. Thanks. Didn't mean to draw attention from your own crap. Just weird timing, as I got my news this morning, and it's cancer related.

Hope the situation for you is hopeful.


10. On 2006-08-29, Judd said:

Something's in the air in our little corner of the blog-o-sphere as my Uncle Sol is told that he won't last out the day and my father heads south to be at his death bed.

Group hug all around, folks.


11. On 2006-08-29, Roger said:

Dear Universe:

Everything here in my little corner is just fine.  Keep up the good work.  But take it a bit easier on some of my friends.



12. On 2006-08-29, Edward J. said:

Edward J.

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13. On 2006-08-29, Blankshield said:

Sentiments that I can't quite express in words are directed to you and yours.  There's love and sympathy and understanding and some other stuff mixed up in there.

Sometimes life sucks.



14. On 2006-08-30, James Nostack said:

Dear Management,

I'll trade in my Christmas presents for a friend regaining sanity, good health and financial solvency, since it's falling largely to me to look after him.  This is scary for me, but it should be scarier for him.

(It's on topic because it all started 20 years ago when his wife died of cancer.  Good luck to those who've been diagnosed, the survivors, and the families thereof.)


15. On 2006-08-30, Tris said:

Dear Universe,

Thanks for all the stuff that's good.  I'm still waiting for that wand I can use to make everything better when nice people have to face suck.  I understand 10 days for delivery, it's been a little longer than that now.

Ben's already attempted to bribe you with love.  I also will love you more as soon as I take delivery of that wand.


P.S.  Anytime you want to let me know some words I can use that would seem less trivial and be more helpful than me being slightly humerous in the hope that it will make somebody who's unhappy smile slightly would be really awesome.


16. On 2006-08-30, Emily said:


thank you, universe, for all these good folks. And please watch over us all as we deal with our own sadnesses and troubles, and try to be there for the people we love.

thank you everyone for sharing your sorrows and letting us at least share the burdens with each other. I'm glad to be able to call you my friends.


17. On 2006-08-31, Uriel said:

My aunt died of cancer two years ago and we recently found out that my grandmother has it too now. So I know what it's like. It's hard. Too damn hard.


18. On 2006-08-31, Iskander said:

Love, hugs and metta to you all.

- Alexander


19. On 2006-08-31, Mikael said:

Dear universe -
Please knock it off. What is it with you and people who can create other universes?
Hoping for the best,
- Mikael


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