2006-10-02 : Music blogging: Dog songs 3

This'll be a quick one. The straight-up rockingest band whose cds I own is The Stone Coyotes. I've seen them live a couple of times; I don't know whether they're actually local or just around here all the time. Let's see, the first time I saw them they were touring for Church of the Falling Rain and my friend Loren's band opened for them at Pearl Street in Northampton. I went to see Loren and then The Stone Coyotes kicked my ass for me.

That show may've been the very first time I ever bought a beer in a bar. Huh.

Also, I thought they'd've been better if they'd hired Loren as their drummer. But I understand that the band's a father-daughter-husband combo or something like that, and Loren wasn't any of those three things to them. So, no odds there.

Anyway! Here's a murder ballad: "Where the Old Oak Grows" from Situation Out Of Control. It's nice and Doggy. I'd also put up "Out of Harm's Way" from Church of the Falling Rain as a Dog song, but my cd seems to have gone missing.

We lie down on a bed of thorns
Walk through fire on feet of clay
Read a book with the pages torn
Sayin', "Keep us out of harm's way"

You can listen to a bunch of their songs on the music page of their website - and I see that they've included "Where the Old Oak Grows" but excluded "Out of Harm's Way" too. Oh well.

As always, if you like the music, buy the albums. If you represent The Stone Coyotes and you'd rather I take down the mp3, email me and I will, no question.

1. On 2006-10-02, Twila said:

Wow. I had never heard them before, but I went and bought "Out of Harm's Way" just now. (Bless iTunes for instant gratification!)

I am so going to make a Dog's playlist.


2. On 2006-10-02, Vincent said:

Yay! What do you think of "Out of Harm's Way"?


3. On 2006-10-02, Twila said:

Wow—that was some song.  I really like it.  It has a really high and lonesome vibe to it.  What else have they done that's got that same kind of lonesome sound?  I can't really tell from the snippets on iTunes what I might like and what I might not.

I've got my Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer songs in the DitV playlist, and now these two, and I added a Mary Gauthier song, "Walk Through the Fire", because it's got this tortured morality going on, even if it does mention calling someone on the phone.


4. On 2006-10-02, Vincent said:

That album, Church of the Falling Rain, has a lot like that. You'll probably like the title track and check out "Odessa" too. Definitely "Odessa."

I don't know Mary Gauthier. I go now to google.


5. On 2006-10-02, Meguey said:

It's a mother-father-son trio. Not only are they awesome, but local too!


6. On 2006-10-04, Pol Jackson said:

I've created a Pandora station for Dogs music, "Dogs in the Radio":

Pandora is a streaming audio radio station; high-speed internet required.

I've tried to "train" the station to play music appropriate for Dogs, but some weird songs still pop up from time to time. (Most recently "Dead", by They Might Be Giants.) My intent is to have background music for actually playing Dogs, so I've tried to discourage the station from playing music with lyrics. (I've found that songs with lyrics can be distracting when roleplaying.)



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