2006-11-26 : Music blogging 4 postscript

Music blogging 4 was Crooked Still.

Meg and Tovey and I went to see them tonight. It was a great show. Here's what I can tell you about them now, that I didn't know about them before:

1) They're miniature. Taken together, the four of them have about the same volume as any three regular-size people.

2) They're funny. Especially Rushad Eggleston. He reminds me a bit of Matt Earls, for those of you who, well, know all the same people I do. For the rest of you, sorry - he's funny, is what that means. They're all funny.

3) Aoife O'Donovan is no longer a vegetarian. She ate Turkey this week for the first time in five years, and she says it tasted really good.

4) Best of all, they're ENORMOUS BIG NERDS. They're like 25-year-old music nerds who play crazy riffs on banjo and crazy bluegrass on cello.

What could be better than that? They're funny miniature big nerds.

1. On 2006-11-26, DevP said:

I'm really glad Tovey got a chance to hear them.


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