2006-11-30 : Space chuckers

The Minister of Glorious Prevailance and his aide meet with our Chief Military Engineer on the old mined-out asteroid we'll have to use for orbital operations.

CME: ...So we'll remove some of those thrusters to make room for chaff pods and a railgun. It won't maneuver as well as it did -
MoGP: - as a utility tug -
CME: - right, as a utility tug, but it'll be armed -
MoGP: <weeping>


MoGP: Three of them?
CME: And two more in salvage, plus a heavier mining tug we're working to adapt. How, um, how soon is the operation? It's not, y'know, soon, is it?
MoGP: <weeping>

Aide: Well, they seem fairly glorious -
MoGP: <weeping>

1. On 2006-11-30, Rich Stokes said:


I like those an awful lot.  Especially the feet, and the very cool use of Battle Droid arms.  I needs me more of those.

I'm also finding that I'm growing very fond of that dark bluish gray.  They didn't have that colour when I was a lad...


2. On 2006-11-30, Dave said:

They look pretty glorious to me.

But mostly I like those guys' hats. And the Minister's skirt.


3. On 2006-11-30, NinJ said:

You think the Minister's weeping now, wait until he learns what they look like in re-entry!

Now that's Glorious!


Ushti Sh'hi, Fourteenth Kawwiyah and Inheritor of the Celestial Throne

(Incidentally, this is a guy I intend to build a special mecha for if I have the time. The Mukuliya think he's the messiah.)


4. On 2006-11-30, Vincent said:

Oog. Reentry. Now I'M weeping.

If anybody's interested in these puppies gamewise, here's one enlabeled:

I figure the space attachment is a big gyroscope. Blow it up and the pilot has to self-correct his yaw pitch and roll all the time, by eye, using foot pedals. He's got no time leftover for rolling a white die.


5. On 2007-01-06, Martin said:

Beautiful! :D
I'm trying to build one, but unfortunately I don't have the right pieces for the legs... :/


6. On 2007-08-13, dmq said:

im not so fond of these chuckers.
ok, tho.
if people can be scale-fully lego-ified, can they fight?
if you take a 1x1 cylinder as the legs, a 1x1 with a stud on the side and a stud port on the other as the body, and a 1x1 round piece as the head, couldnt you put, like a pneumatic T in the stud on the side, or at least a black 1x2 flat to signify a weapon?

that'd be cool, to have marines running alongside mechas into the battlefield, or maybe tankx?

ah, brain, come back...


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