2007-02-15 : Oh no!

Oh no!

Saucy Bob has totally screwed it up for Dark Esther and The Boy. (Starting here, but the real screwuppage was yesterday.)

This sucks. I am afraid for The Boy's sake of giant, sexy Erin Winters.

It is very little consolation that last time we talked about it, Dark Esther and The Boy were totally screwing it up for Saucy Bob.

1. On 2007-02-15, Dave said:

I know! I was crushed (to the extent that I have deep emotional involvement with a webcomic, anyway). Poor The Boy. Poor Dark Esther.


2. On 2007-02-15, Sempiternity said:

Saucy Bob is evil! And Erin has become all scary hulkess! (But we still love her.)


3. On 2007-02-15, ironick said:

The Boy needs to call for a follow-up conflict!


4. On 2007-02-15, Vincent said:

That's the thing I love best about Scary Go Round. There are always follow-up conflicts.


5. On 2007-02-15, Kirk Mitchell said:

Oh noes!

And I totally didn't make The Boy-not-with-Dark Esther = Danger-from-Giant-Sexy-Erin-Winters connection until just now! I am on the edge of my seat! Or possibly not. Because work still needs to be done. Even in the face of such potential tragedy, we must soldier on!


6. On 2007-02-17, ironick said:

Now I'm wondering if Saucy Bob's mesmerism shenanigans are even going to have an effect on Giant Sexy Erin Winters, or if she'll she-hulk out on him and forcibly remove his smarmy mustache as a trophy ...and then comfort The Boy...


7. On 2007-03-02, Rob F. said:

I think I'd better make a post-start commencement with this comic at the beginning...

Hey, wait a second: Pounds! Welsh jokes! Swansea! WELSH JOKES! THIS WEB COMIC IS BRITISH!!!!!!!!

Why did no one tell me? Damn, I've been imagining this crew with American accents all this time!


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