2007-03-10 : Current...

...stress: moving house
...television: The Dresden Files Old Crow Medicine Show, Big Iron World
...writing: In a Wicked Age
...not writing or laying out: Afraid
...illustrating: In a Wicked Age
...administrating: I would knife fight a man
...eating: Life cereal
...drinking: kefir
...reading: Gnosis magazine back issues from the mid 90's
...snot level: moderate
...playing: Bushido Blade on an emulator
...avoiding: moving house

1. On 2007-03-10, xenopulse said:

The original Bushido Blade is all sorts of awesome. I should see if I can find a copy.


2. On 2007-03-10, Jenskot (John) said:

I love OCMS! Saw them a few months ago in Vancouver. They are signed to our indie music label, Nettwerk Records. Hope we manage them one day!


3. On 2007-03-10, Julia said:

Good luck with that snot level.

Now get movin'!


4. On 2007-03-11, Johan said:

"...writing: In a Wicked Age" I keep returning just to read this sentence. I'm psyched!


5. On 2007-03-11, Ludanto said:

OMG Bushido Blade was awesometastic!  They totally need to redo that game for one of the high-end systems.  I'd buy one of those systems just for that game!

Afraid = :(

In a Wicked Age = :)

Snot = :^=(


6. On 2007-03-12, Sydney Freedberg said:



7. On 2007-03-12, Vincent said:

FIRESTORM: BATTLE FOR THE SLAVE PLANET is the RPG that Sebastian and I designed at Dreamation.

I have lots to say about it, later.


8. On 2007-03-12, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Bushido Blade was the best fighting game evar.


9. On 2007-03-12, NinJ said:

Bushido Blade was an excellent game. The second was substantially less excellent.

The same guys did a more historically based, but otherwise very similar, game called Kengo. It's so realistic it's sad. Come over and we'll play sometime.


10. On 2007-03-12, Blankshield said:

What's your impression of Dresden Files?

We're enjoying them; they're being a reasonable port from book to TV.  Raven doesn't care much for their Murphy, though.



11. On 2007-03-12, Vincent said:

I haven't read the books.

If the show were let's say 10% better, it'd be my new favorite show. As it is, it's fun but not loyalty-inspiring.

The way he blunders into the real story and real answers all the time seems like a misreading of the genre to me, kind of along the same lines as L. Sprague de Camp's misreading of Conan. I wish he were cleverer.


12. On 2007-03-12, Ben Lehman said:

Bushido Blade!

Fuck, man, it took me forever to get all the good endings.  The Nodachi is your friend...



13. On 2007-03-12, Blankshield said:

The books are better, in a bunch of ways, and quick to read too, so I would recommend picking them up.  He's smarter in the books, although also kinda ignorant in the early ones, which might be what they're trying to reflect.

They're easy to read, so not a huge impact on time.



14. On 2007-03-12, ScottM said:

He does seem pretty... perplexed so far in the TV show, but I think they're going to make that a quick development arc.

The TV show is different from the books, but not enough to throw me off too much.  I agree that so far, they haven't let Murphy blossom into the cool character from the books... but it looks like they may be laying some tracks along those lines.


15. On 2007-03-12, Matt Wilson said:

What sells me on that show is the actor playing Dresden. He has likeability.

It's the only episodic show I've watched and enjoyed in a long while.


16. On 2007-03-12, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Nodachi?  Bah.  Do you know what Musashi says about the nodachi?

" Some other schools have a liking for extra-long swords. From the point of view of my strategy these must been seen as weak schools. This is because they do not appreciate the principle of cutting the enemy by any means. Their preference is for the extra-long sword and, relying on the virtue of its length, they think to defeat the enemy from a distance.

In this world it is said, ???One inch gives the hand advantage", but these are the idle words of one who does not know strategy. It shows the inferior strategy of a weak spirit that men should be dependent on the length of their sword, fighting from a distance without the benefit of strategy."


Book of Wind from the Book of Five Rings

(Thanks to Timfire Publishing for that electronic version.)


17. On 2007-03-12, Julia said:

Do they still publish Gnosis? I loved that journal!


18. On 2007-03-13, Ben Lehman said:

The Nodachi is useful for one and only one thing in Bushido Blade—cutting the legs out from under your opponent so as to get the good endings.



19. On 2007-03-13, NinJ said:

Seth, that's exactly what I was going to write!

The endings are worth defying Musashi though.

Incidentally, he says the same things about particularly short swords, though he encourages the use of the short sword elsewhere, in the left hand.


20. On 2007-03-15, MikeRM said:

Big second to "read the Dresden Files books". They're funny (as well as action-packed and suspenseful).

They're also written following the "bad to worse" school of plot development, where your protagonist starts out with a couple of enemies and some cashflow problems and ends up practically (sometimes literally) in the hospital, destitute and the target of about five assassins.

I get the impression some people here like that sort of thing.


21. On 2007-03-18, soundmasterj said:

I tried to do a rpg with a HUGE combat system practically to model the fun of Bushido Blade.
I remember it being quite cool in all it??s unfinished glory.


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