2008-02-20 : Technical recommendations please?

Hey, I need to become a better php and mysql programmer. Can anybody suggest any online resources?

1. On 2008-02-20, misuba said:, AKA The Way, The Truth, and The Light


2. On 2008-02-20, Mike said: has a decent php section, which itself has a decent mySQL section.


3. On 2008-02-20, Matt M said:

To add to to what's suggested, a good framework like Codeigniter, CakePHP or Symphony will speed things up. Their documentation will teach you some useful patterns too. do some good books and their forum is quite useful too.


4. On 2008-02-22, DevP said:


5. On 2008-02-22, Ben Lehman said:


I am now enlightened.


6. On 2008-02-26, misuba said:

Also, past a certain point it's inevitable to recommend Ruby on Rails, but you have to be willing to put up with considerable bollocks when it comes to hosting.


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