2008-04-06 : Demons are prowlin' everywhere, nowadays

Watched Sweeney Todd last night, the new Tim Burton one. I liked it fine.

While fightless, it's nevertheless Poison'd.

1. On 2008-04-07, Willem said:

I think my last post got eaten so I'll try again.

I find your comment really funny, because on Saturday night I too watched Sweeney Todd, and I too loved it. Later that night I ran into my friend Jana and told her, "it felt just like our games of In A Wicked Age!".

:) Funny coincidence, but it also probably says something about the games you design. ;)


2. On 2008-04-07, Vincent said:

That makes me happy.


3. On 2008-04-11, Julia said:

We watched it last night. I loved it. I've wanted to see it since I was 11. When it was on Broadway (with Angela Lansbury), we lived in New Jersey, and while my mom was big on taking me to theatre all the time, she didn't want to see it, so I never got to see it.

Anyway, I'm curious how you think it's Poison'd. I certainly saw Poison'd there, particularly in how the terrible things that happened to him in the past (imprisonment, etc.) changed him. Among other things.


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