2008-04-17 : IRON GAME CHEF

How could I not mention this here before today?

The Game Chef 2008 competition starts TOMORROW. Attention: TOMORROW.

This year it's called "Artists First!" Here's the deal. 30 or so artists submitted illustrations for rpgs that don't exist. That phase is done. Starting tomorrow, the design phase: choose an illustration set and design that game.

I submitted illustrations. They are VERY AWESOME and TOTALLY FUNNY. If you design a game using my illustrations, and I like it, and you decide to develop it post-contest, I promise additional illustrations, development help, promotion, and whatever else I can do for you. Lots of my fellow illustrators are promising the same.

It's an opportunity you'll be sad to miss. Join in!

Artists First! 2008 Game Chef

1. On 2008-04-17, Ben Lehman said:

As a judge, I can confirm that Vincent's illustrations are totally funny.



2. On 2008-04-17, Vincent said:

I want to post a sample here SO BAD but I'm not doing it.


3. On 2008-04-17, Ben Lehman said:

It's not that long until Friday.


4. On 2008-04-17, Vincent said:

Oh hey, you're right! I thought they'd still be sign-up-only, but I guess that doesn't make much sense, does it?

Tomorrow then!


5. On 2008-04-18, Ben Lehman said:

6. On 2008-04-18, Scimon said:

They were in my top 6 options... currently I'm looking at two sets of art with Tiki heads or godly duality as my themes.

But something comedic with Cavemen is still a possibility. Tonight there will be beer, beer will help me think.


7. On 2008-04-18, Judd said:

This damned thread got me to tap in and start writing.

Damn you all.


8. On 2008-04-29, Dave Cleaver said:

I loved you art set Vincent. It was exactly what I was looking for when I went into the contest. Thank you.


9. On 2008-04-29, Vincent said:

My pleasure! Good luck in the judging.

When the time comes, if you'd like more illos - more baby shenanigans, for instance - let me know.


10. On 2008-04-29, Ben Lehman said:

78 submissions!

I'm gonna try to read all of them.

Pray for me now and at the hour of my death.



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